Today, travelling is part of our everyday life, below are some tips, which we hope you find useful ………   and maybe save your life!


  • Plan your trip , wherever possible to do not plan anything demanding on your first day of arrival

  • Work / keep awake on day time flights , sleep on night flights ( eat before you board if you can )

  • If the trip involves domestic travel by air or car , catch up on your sleep while travelling

  • If you are on your first trip to Asia , plan for everything to take twice as long as it would at home

  • If travelling to the States , plan your mentally intensive meeting in the morning , when you are more alert , you’re likely to hit a wall in the afternoon during your first few days

  • Wherever possible travel for 2 weeks , this will allow your body to acclimatise

  • Choose a seat on the plane as near to the front as you can , you will get to the immigration queue first

  • Baggage tags to have your name only , do not mention your home address , make sure the case is locked using TSA approved padlocks , you do not want anyone slipping anything into the case

  • Know who is picking you up at the airport , I once was in Taiwan got picked up , had a tour of a bicycle factory , the only problem was , I was working for Ford Motor company at the time and was expecting to see a water pump supplier , I was picked up by the wrong person !

  • Safety tip – The first thing you do when you get to your room at your hotel , anywhere in the world , is go out of your room and find the Fire exit – it could save your life !


Safe travels

Top tips on travelling safely & efficiently