• Speak Turkish!

  • Get some local support to identify the best suppliers and secure the best cost/terms

  • Be prepared to haggle

  • As I was told once be prepared to haggle.. At least 3 times, you will never get the best price first time

  • Know who you are dealing with

  • Understand who owns the company and meet the top person before you place the PO

  • Deal direct

  • Once you have had the first order, start dealing direct, nothing better to start building a true relationship

  • Great Supply Chain

  • Have a logistics company that have there own offices in Turkey

  • Nothing beats having some eyes and ears that have some elegance to you

  • Be prepared to visit before committing the business

  • This is a two way benefit, they know you are serious and you can see them face to face (Business cards do not need to be in Turkish)– be prepared for some great food and wine!

  • Watch the exchange rate

  • Set a band, if it goes outside this band re-negotiate, as per Tip 4, the Turkish love negotiating (and they are good!)

  • Deal with the best

  • Work with companies who are already dealing with the major companies, this shows the quality and commercially you are at the right place

  • Start slowly

  • Any meetings will have some small talk / tea /coffee –it will be seen as a breach of etiquette to insist on getting to the point quickly

  • First impressions will be remembered

  • Make sure your first foray into doing business in Turkey is a positive one…. Word will get around quickly, both positive & negative, faster than it would in the UK


Good luck and great business! 

Top tips on doing business in Turkey

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