There are many myths about how to be successful in doing business in China;

We have tried to show below some tips which should help form the basis for being successful

for the long term


  • 'Face' is critical in China. Do not put them in a position where they have to say no and lose 'Face'

  • Do not assume anything. The most quiet and unassuming person in the meeting maybe the most influential

  • Hold business cards with two hands, do not put the business card away or place it face down, show interest in the business card and ask questions, accept offers for dinner (this is where the relationship will be built)

  • Be able to make fast decisions as you will lose credibility if you cannot

  • Go with the intention of doing business not just a benchmarking exercise

  • If you are planning a trip, expect everything to take twice as long as in the west, go for quality meetings not quantity – Don’t be a busy fool!

  • If you are approaching a supplier / company for the first time, aim high up in the organisational structure. The system is extremely hierarchical and decisions are made high up. Basically, you need a decision maker.

  • Understand that you will need to make more than one visit or have more than one meeting.

  • You cannot just fly in and fly out and expect success.

  • If it is a key meeting take a local translator who you trust and you are paying for

  • Build a local infrastructure you can trust which may need to include Logistics, QA , Lab testing etc to act for you for when you are not there

  • Understand the risks – Supply Chain, IP, Quality and more importantly aim to mitigate the risks

  • Understand the total cost of doing business (TCO) not just price and delivery

  • Make sure the company you are dealing with understands that

  • Quality is vital to you – visit the factory for at least the first 3 production runs

  • Lastly 3 P`s Patience , Patience and more Patience


Good luck and great business!


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Top tips on doing business in China